The 7th International Conference on

Transportation and Space-time Economics (TSTE 2019)

11-13 October, 2019 | Beijing, China

About TSTE 2019

The 7th International Conference on Transportation and Space-time Economics (TSTE 2019) , organized by Beijing Jiaotong University, will take place from 11th October to 13th October 2019 in Beijing, China.

The theme of TSTE 2019 is Sustainable Development of City Transportation. Growing economies in cities often face increased traffic congestion, leading to longer trip times, increased pollution and fuel waste. Sustainable transport systems make a positive contribution to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the communities they serve. It aims at bringing together researchers, practitioners and government regulators working in industry and academia. TSTE 2019 provide them with a platform to report on the latest developments, achievements, deployments, technology trends and research findings as well as initiatives related to sustainable development of city transportation, space-time economics, and their applications.

Beijing Jiaotong University

Beijing Jiaotong University is a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education and now is jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, the China Railway Corporation and Beijing Municipal Government. BJTU is one of the first universities selected into the National 211 Project and the 985 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project, one of the first institutions authorized to confer Masters and Doctoral degrees. BJTU, as the leading organization, has established the Collaborative Innovation Centre for Rail Transit Safety, which is one of the first 14 collaborative centers selected by the Chinese government into the National 2011 Projects. In 2017, BJTU was selected into the Double First-Class National Initiative. BJTU will surround the advantaged disciplines and focus on building Smart Transportation as a world-class discipline.


School of Economics and Management (SEM)

By the Beijing Jiaotong University, started by the management, its predecessor is 1909 years the Qing government founded the railway management school, Chinese is the first to train the management personnel of the institutions of higher learning.


Beijing Jiaotong University School of economics and management disciplines originated from the beginning of creation, is the school's oldest discipline. For more than a century, discipline development has always been the fate of the nation, the development of school, overlapping each other tightly, and the river through the years and more distinctive characteristics of life and growth in nature. In 1996, the integration of School of economics, School of economics and management, the establishment of the school of industrial and construction management engineering department, engineering department, material management, school development entered a new stage, the strength of strong. In 2011, the Institute was approved by the State Ministry of education as one of the first batch of 17 national pilot school. In 2015 -2017, Eduniversal school ranked in the world top business school for three consecutive years was rated 3 PALMS, Chinese ranked the best business school in eleventh. In December 28, 2017, the Ministry of education degrees and graduate education development center announced the fourth round of discipline evaluation results, our hospital three disciplines at the top. Among them, the discipline of business administration, the top 10% ranked A- ranks; application of economics, the top 20% ranked B+ ranks; management science and engineering discipline in the ranks of the top 20%, B+.


After years of development, the college has applied economics, public management, business management and management science and engineering, 4 disciplines. The application of the 3 disciplines of economics and business administration and management science and engineering has a doctoral and postdoctoral Professor, was elected the State Council discipline appraisal group members. Has 1 national key disciplines of industrial economics, 3 key disciplines in Beijing applied economics, management science and engineering and enterprise management. Has 1 National virtual teaching experiment center, 3 Beijing philosophy and social science research base "Beijing traffic development research base", "Beijing industrial security research base", "Beijing logistics informatization research base", the 1 Beijing social science and natural science research collaborative innovation base in Beijing science and technology human traffic, traffic green transportation research base "," 1 Beijing Engineering Laboratory of national economic security warning Beijing laboratory ", 1 Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory of logistics management and technology laboratory, Institute of development in Beijing comprehensive transportation 1 capital of high-end think-tank". 39 research institutions engaged in scientific research and social service work.


The academy has always aimed at the national strategy and industrial development needs, give full play to their subject in the fields of economy and management complete advantage through intelligence support, security personnel and professional service, active service in the development of national transportation, modern logistics, financial capital, information technology, construction real estate, tourism and health industries, has become an important force to support and China leading industry development.


Over the past five years, annual research funding more than 53 million yuan, a total of more than 1100 scientific research projects, among the best in the domestic college. School of Social Sciences Fund approved the 25 countries, the National Natural Science Foundation of 27, the national soft science project 2, National Science and technology support projects 3, Ministry of education, humanities and Social Sciences project 15, Beijing City, zhe 78 projects, a number of international projects as well as the EU's seven framework, such as the world bank. Published more than 2100 papers (including highly cited papers 3, SCIE of 90 articles, 82 articles SSCI and EI of 242 articles). The publication of monographs, textbooks and 221 translation works. 29 experts selected for the Beijing social science fund achievements should be reported, the national social science fund achievements should be reported, the Ministry of Education University think tank or the people's daily reference monograph, 12 of them by the central or local leaders instructions. Institute of scientific research achievements by the provincial and ministerial level awards 11.

Department of Economics

Department of economics, Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the oldest departments, many outstanding economists with Ma Yinchu, Zhao Chuanyun, Su Jingzhi, Xu Qingbin, Chen Jingyan, Song Shuxun, Yao Ju, as the representative of the media had taught. One hundred years of University, passing the torch, the new Chinese transportation economics originated from the growth in the formation of the characteristics of Transportation Economics Industrial Economics of national key disciplines. The Department of economics teacher 43, Professor 13, the national teaching masters 1, take the National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Fund and a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, and Zhao Jian, Ou Guoli, Rong Chao, Feng Hua, Li Menggang and other written expert advice or within the resulting state leaders and government attention and instructions, teachers at home and abroad Transportation Research and other top journals published papers, delivered a keynote speech at the important domestic and international conferences, published academic insights and accept special interview at CCTV and other domestic media, has a wide range of academic influence and social influence at home and abroad.


For a long time, the economic system of teachers pay equal attention to teaching and research, personnel training and cultural heritage, to lead the economic and social development as its mission, in the transportation economic space economy, science and technology service industry and emerging industries, industrial organization and industrial security, international trade and economic statistics the number of economic, technical and economic innovation economy, regional economy, city economy energy the economic environment of economic and other aspects of the formation of the stable research direction. With the Department of economics of transport economic theory and policy research, service economy and emerging industries, China center, transportation center, economic research Chinese technology economic research Chinese Urbanization Research Center, Beijing has undertaken two scientific research platform - "Beijing traffic development research base", "Beijing industrial safety and industry development base" the task of building and Chinese Transportation Association to build the economics teaching practice base, the annual transportation and Spatial Economic Forum "," industrial safety and Industrial Development Forum "," innovation industry forum ", the research direction of transportation and space economy, science and technology service industry and other emerging industries in the leading domestic level.


Department of economics with economics majors, is the first national specialty, relying on industrial economics, national key disciplines, training with engineering foundation and transportation economic characteristics of high-quality specialized personnel economics, conveying a lot of talent for our country's department in charge of transportation, transportation and scientific research institutions, industry management and research departments, the central enterprises and other types of enterprises. Enjoy a high reputation in the society. The pilot school to strengthen the integration of science and education and the integration of elements, to carry out the tutorial system and the college training model to explore, since 2013 economics majors in graduate studies at home and abroad, the ratio reached more than 80%. Department of economics for industrial economics, international trade, economic statistics, technical economics and management professional graduate professional degree graduate academic and applied statistics, industrial organization, enroll in applied economics disciplines under the industrial structure and industrial safety, transportation economy theory and policy research, regional, city and resources the environment of quantitative and technical economics, such as the direction of doctoral students. One hundred years of accumulation, a. The economics department staff will further improve the scientific research and education, the economic system into the domestic first-class, internationally renowned city economics.







Important Dates
  • 15  March, 2019  Extended abstract submission opens
  • 31  May, 2019 Deadline for extended abstract submission
  • 15  June, 2019 Acceptance notification of extended abstract
  • 31  August, 2019 Deadline for full paper submission
  • 5  September, 2019 Formal review process for Special Issue and Best Papers to be published

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