The 6th International Conference on

Transportation and Space-time Economics

October 12-14, 2018 | Beijing, China

Keynote Speakers

Jian Zhao

The research of Professor Zhao Jian on transportation is from economics perspective. One of Zhao’s research areas is the relationship between transportation and economic growth. From 2006 he has published many articles against large scale construction of high speed rail in China. His opinion has been widely cited by domestic media and international media. In his paper published on TRA in 2015, he pointed out, HSR can only be built in the corridor with large populations and high population densities based on a time allocation model with the consideration of VTTS. Large scale construction of HSRs has made great economic loss. Huge investments in HSR has worsened the transport structure. From 2005 to 2016, the freight railway’s market share declined from 50% to 17%, the market share of highway freight transport increased from 21% to 49% in China. Billion tons cargo transported by diesel trucks raise the logistics costs and increase air pollution.
On urban transport study, Zhao Jian think, the serious congestion in large cities are the problem of urban planning, which is the allocation of urban spatial resources. Urban planning, which materialize the right relationships in the roads and urban spatial structure, do not allocate the rights of easy mobility and easy accessibility to public transit but to automobiles in China. The urban spatial structure make many people take automobile as the fast mobility mode and cause traffic congestion.

Important Dates
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  • 31, May, 2018 Deadline for extended abstract submission
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  • 25, August, 2018 Deadline for full paper submission & Formal review process starts for Best Papers to be published
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